Kresta in the Afternoon – September 19, 2019 – Hour 1

+  How my Pregnancy Helped Me Rediscover Order

  • Description: Popular blogger Kathryn Whitaker enjoyed her life with her family, but the stressful premature birth of her fifth child threw her orderly world into chaos and ultimately led her to rethink her priorities. She joins us with what she discovered and how we can live a life of authentic love and faith.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Kathryn Whitaker
      Kathryn Whitaker is a Catholic author, blogger, speaker, and freelance graphic designer. A sixth-generation Texan, she was raised as an evangelical Protestant. She met her husband on a blind date at Texas A&M and on the eve of their wedding, Whitaker converted to Catholicism and never looked back. Since 2007, Whitaker has shared on her blog—with honesty, authenticity, and a healthy dose of sass—what it’s like raising a raucous Catholic family, including a preemie, while balancing her freelance graphic design business and her love of the Aggies, keeping her obsession with the Container Store in check, and stocking the fridge with plenty of Dr Pepper. Whitaker has contributed to Blessed is She, Take Up and Read, ATX Catholic, and Hand to Hold’s preemie blog. She has appeared in USA Today, Iowa Catholic Radio,The Son Rise Morning Show, Relevant Radio, and is a regular guest on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SiriusXM. Kathryn and her husband, Scott, live with their family in Austin, Texas.
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    • Live Big, Love Bigger: Getting Real with BBQ, Sweet Tea, and a Whole Lotta Jesus

      Popular blogger Kathryn Whitaker is a Dr Pepper super fan, Aggie-loving, type A mom of six with a personality the size of her native Texas. The stressful premature birth of her fifth child threw her orderly world into chaos and ultimately led her to rethink her priorities. In Live Big, Love Bigger, Whitaker shares her journey and challenges readers to understand that they, too, can live a life of authenticity with joy-filled purpose, love, and faith. Along the way, she’ll help readers see that choosing to say no is the only way they’ll be able to say yes to what matters most—Jesus. It’s not every family who would plan a week-long Texas barbecue pilgrimage for a family of eight, much less expand the idea to a multi-month quest to experience the state, eat amazing food, and visit some awesome religious sites along the way. But Whitaker did it—when she decided imperfect family road trips trumped a vacation at a luxury resort. “Barbecue encouraged us to hit the road, while Jesus met us at every single stop along the way—proof that he loves brisket as much as we do, right?” Ditching the fancy vacation was one way Whitaker learned to give up control and say no to perfectionism and over-achievement in order to live a new, more intentional life and discover what God truly has in store for her family. Whitaker’s sassy authenticity will make readers laugh—and cry—while encouraging them to be honest about mistakes in every area of their life, embrace them, and find a way to let God redeem it all. (learn more)

+  A Lifelong Lutheran Discovers the Church (2 segments)

  • Description: For many Protestant Christians considering the Catholic Church, the doctrine of Justification is a key sticking point. If the Church is incorrect on its teachings, then the entire Reformation is justified. This was the case for Robert Koons. He joins us.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Robert Koons
      Rob Koons is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, where he has taught since 1987.
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    • Faith and Reason: Philosophers Explain Their Turn to Catholicism

      Too smart to believe in God? The twelve philosophers in this book are too smart not to, and their finely honed reasoning skills and advanced educations are on display as they explain their reasons for believing in Christianity and entering the Roman Catholic Church. Among the twelve converts are well-known professors and writers including Peter Kreeft, Edward Feser, J. Budziszewski, Candace Vogler, and Robert Koons. Each story is unique; yet each one details the various perceptible ways God drew these lovers of wisdom to himself and to the Church. In every case, reason played a primary role. It had to, because being a Catholic philosopher is no easy task when the majority of one's colleagues thinks that religious faith is irrational. Although the reasonableness of the Catholic faith captured the attention of these philosophers and cleared a space into which the seed of supernatural faith could be planted, in each of these essays the attentive reader will find a fully human story. The contributions are not merely collections of arguments; they are stories of grace. (learn more)

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