Kresta in the Afternoon – October 3, 2016 – Hour 1

+  Did St. Francis Save the Church? (2 segments)

  • Description: October 4 is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, arguably the most popular and well-known Saint amongst Catholics and the secular world. St. Francis was a hinge in the history of the Christian faith and in just 14 years he changed the Church with a revoutionary approach to friendship, poverty, spirituality and more. We'll talk about it with Jon Sweeney.
  • Segment Guests:
    • John Sweeney
      Jon Sweeney is one of religion's most respected writers. He has appeared on many news programs including CBS Saturday Morning News and Fox News. He's the author of "When Francis Saved the Church" and other books. Jon is also the executive director of trade for Ave Maria Press.
  • + Resources Mentioned Available in Our Store:

    • The Enthusiast: How the Best Friend of Francis of Assisi Almost Destroyed What He Started

      Popular historian and award-winning author Jon M. Sweeney relates the untold story of St. Francis's friendship with Elias of Cortona, the man who helped him build the Franciscan movement. Sweeney uses the complexities of their relationship in a gripping narrative of how their efforts changed the world and how Elias's enthusiasm betrayed the ideals of his friend. Few biographies of St. Francis have examined his complicated relationship with close friend Elias of Cortona. In The Enthusiast, award-winning author and historian Jon M. Sweeney delves into this little-known partnership that defined and then almost destroyed Francis's ideals. Blending history and biography, Sweeney reveals how Francis and Elias rebuilt churches, aided lepers, and entertained as "God's troubadours" to the delight of everyday people who had grown tired of a remote and tumultuous Church. At the height of their spiritual renaissance, however, Elias became "the devil" to many of the other friars; they believed him to be a traitor to their ideals. After Francis's premature death, the movement fractured. Scorned by most of the Franciscan leadership, Elias followed a path that would leave him a lonely, broken man. Sweeney shows how Elias's undoing was rooted in his attempts to honor his old friend. (learn more)

    • The Road to Assisi: The Essential Biography of St. Francis – 120th Anniversary Edition

      Originally published in French in 1894, Sabatier's was the first modern biography of Francis of Assisi. It was a worldwide bestseller, and in 2003 when this new edition was first published, it again sold more than 60,000 copies and was a selection of History Book Club. This new 120th anniversary edition includes a dozen additional annotations and a new preface by the editor, putting Sabatier's influential work into its historical context, showing why it is still the most essential life of the saint. (learn more)

    • Francis of Assisi in His Own Words: The Essential Writings

      Biographies of St. Francis will only take you so far. It’s impossible to truly understand him without reading his writings. Sweeney has compiled all of the ones that we are most certain come from Francis himself, including his first Rule of life, the Rule he wrote for the Third Order, letters to friends, letters to people in power, messages to all Franciscans, songs, praises, canticles, and his final spiritual Testament. An introduction and explanatory notes throughout the book help to put the writings into historical and theological context. (learn more)

    • The St. Francis Prayer Book: A Guide to Deepen Your Spiritual Life

      This warm-hearted little book is a window into the soul of St. Francis, one of the most passionate and inspiring followers of Jesus. "Prayer was to Francis as play is to a child: natural, easy, creative, and joyful," author Jon Sweeney tells us. "Before it became common to speak in personal terms of a relationship with God, Francis did so and made it seem natural." With this guide, readers will: - Pray the words that Francis taught his spiritual brothers and sisters to pray. - Explore Francis's time and place and feel the joy and earnestness of the first Franciscans. - Experience how it is possible to live a contemplative and active life, at the same time. (learn more)

    • The Complete Francis of Assisi: His Life, The Complete Writings, and The Little Flowers

      There are many editions of the writings of St. Francis, and biographies about him, but here in one volume are both, plus the complete text of the late medieval work, The Little Flowers, which did more to establish the legend of the man than any other work. This "Paraclete Giants" edition includes the complete Road to Assisi, Paul Sabatier's ground-breaking and foundational biography of the saint, first published in French in 1894 and re-issued and expanded in 2002; the complete Francis in His Own Words: The Essential Writings; and The Little Flowers, thus offering the best introduction to St. Francis yet available between two covers. Other Paraclete Giants include The Complete Julian of Norwich and The Complete Introduction to the Devout Life, both translated and introduced by Fr. John-Julian, OJN. (learn more)

    • When Saint Francis Saved the Church: How a Converted Medieval Troubadour Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages

      Jon M. Sweeney, the best-selling author of The Pope Who Quit, offers a surprising look at the world's most popular saint, showing how this beloved-but-often-mythologized character created a spiritual vision for the ages and may very well have rescued the Christian faith. Now in paperback, this new edition--called "a contemporary classic-in-the-making" by the National Catholic Reporter--includes study questions. (learn more)

+  Called by Name

  • Description: We all know someone – a spouse, child, sibling or friend – who has left the Church. Thankfully, the New Evangelization is gaining traction in dioceses all over the country. Bishop Earl Boyea and Peter Herbeck join us to talk about what’s being done in the New Evangelization.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Bishop Earl Boyea
      Bishop Earl Boyea is the fifth bishop of Lansing. He serves as Episcopal moderator of the United States Association of Consecrated Virgins and is on the Board of Directors for Michigan Catholic Conference and the USCCB Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations.
      • Peter Herbeck
        Peter Herbeck is the vice-president and director of missions for Renewal Ministries. For more than thirty years, he has been actively involved in evangelization and Catholic renewal throughout the US, Canada, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Peter is a co-host for the weekly television programs The Choices We Face and Crossing the Goal. And also hosts the daily radio show Fire on the Earth. He’s the author of When the Spirit Comes in Power and When the Spirit Speaks and has produced CDs and booklets about discipleship and life in the Spirit. Peter is involved with i.d.9:16, an outreach to Catholic young adults sponsored by Renewal Ministries.

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