Kresta in the Afternoon – October 24, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Description: We're broadcasting live from the EWTN Catholic Radio conference, talking Syria, the Synod and more.

+  Elementary Pastoral Sense Absent From Amazonian Statue Controversy

  • Description: The disputed Amazonian statue might be dismissed as a small distraction, but it is an important thing made more significant by a lack of elementary pastoral sense. As Catholics ought to know better than anyone else — all the more so Vatican officials — symbols convey much more than words. That’s why the liturgy is a ritual employing symbols rather than an essay employing syllogisms. We talk with Fr Raymond de Souza
  • Segment Guests:
    • Fr. Raymond De Souza
      Fr Raymond de Souza serves as the Chaplain at Newman House, the Roman Catholic chaplaincy at Queen's University. He is also editor-in-chief of the Convivium Project. Follow him on Twitter @fatherdesouza
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+  Vatican Bank Lands in Regulatory Hot Seat

  • Description: The head of the Vatican Bank appeared to admit this week to a transaction that could be a violation of European regulatory commitments. In a statement Tuesday, Bishop Nunzio Galantino, head of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, acknowledged that the Vatican bank loaned 50 million euros to finance the purchase of an Italian hospital, even though the Administration is prohibited from making loans that finance commercial transactions. Matthew Bunson discusses this and his new interview with Cardinal Kurt Koch.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Matthew Bunson
      Matthew Bunson is Executive Editor of EWTN News and a Senior Fellow at St Paul Center for Biblical Theology. He’s the author or co-author of more than 50 books including the first English-language biography of Pope Francis and The Encyclopedia of Catholic History. Follow him on twitter at MattBunson. Register Radio airs Saturdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 11 am.
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+  Trump Claims Victory in Syria - What Did He Really Bring About?

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