Kresta in the Afternoon – October 24, 2018 – Hour 1

+  Russian Orthodox Church Splits from Constantinople

+  The Family: The First Agent of the New Evangelization

  • Description: An upcoming Summit in Dallas will feature Cardinal Raymond Burke and Dr Gianna Molla, who will discuss the Family as the first agent of the New Evangelization and how we can defend the Catholic understanding of marriage and family. We get a look with Thomas McKenna.
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+  A Prophetic Witness to Creation

  • Description: The Canonization of St Paul VI has brought Humane Vitae back into the public eye. Its 1968 publication was one of the most important religious and cultural events of the century, taking a no-holds-barred stand against the sexual revolution. Allan Carlson joins us to examine the history of the thought process that led up to Humane Vitae and how it has affected sexual ethics since.
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    • Allan Carlson
      Allan Carlson is a contributor to Inseperable: Five Perspectives on Sex, Life and Love in Defense of Humane Vitae. He is the author of fifteen books and serves as John Howard Distinguished Senior Fellow at the International Organization for the Family.
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    • Inseparable: Five Perspectives on Sex, Life, and Love in Defense of Humanae Vitae

      As the Church and the world remember this milestone anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Catholic Answers Press has published an important new multi-contributor exposition of that prophetic encyclical - Inseparable: Five Perspectives on Sex, Life, and Love in Defense of Humanae Vitae. Given the richness of Catholic teaching on the transmission of human life and the different ways due to their temperaments, habits of mind, and life circumstances that people respond to it, we asked our contributors to reflect on and defend that teaching from five perspectives: each of them compelling, all of them together forming a mosaic of truth. Biblical foundations of conjugal love, Nature Law, Personalism and the language of the body, Historical lessons from contraceptive culture, and a couple's witness of lived experience Contributors include some of the most knowledgeable and incisive writers on these subjects today: Joseph Atkinson- associate professor of Sacred Scripture, John Paul II Institute, Washington, D.C.: Paul Gondreau- professor of theology, Providence College: Mark Latkovic- professor of moral and systematic theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary: Allan Carlson-distinguished visiting professor of history and politics, Hillsdale College, author, Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control: and Shaun and Jessica McAfee- founder of Epic Pew and author of Reform Yourself! Together they contributed to Surprised by Life. All share a joyful conviction in the truth of Humanae Vitae and a desire to promote and defend it. His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke contributes the foreword. (learn more)

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