Kresta in the Afternoon – October 10, 2017 – Hour 1

+  My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II (full hour)

  • Description: George Weigel is well-known as the definitive biographer for St. John Paul II. He enjoyed a unique friendship with the Pope and saw firsthand his struggles with post-Vatican II tumult, the end of the Cold War, and the post-9/11 world order. George joins us today with a personal look at some of his favorite memories with the scholar who became a saint.
  • Segment Guests:
    • George Weigel
      George Weigel is a New York Times bestselling author of many books, most recently Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St John Paul II. He's a distinguished senior fellow of Washington's Ethics and Public Policy Center. Visit
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    • Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II

      A preeminent authority on the Catholic Church and papal biographer describes what he learned from chronicling the life of Pope John Paul II In Lessons in Hope, George Weigel tells the story of his unique friendship with St. John Paul II. As Weigel learns the pope "from inside," he also offers a firsthand account of the tumult of post-Vatican II Catholicism and the Cold War's endgame, introducing readers to the heroes who brought down European communism. Later, he shows us the aging pope grappling with the post-9/11 world order and teaching new lessons in dignity through his own suffering. A deeply humane portrait of an eminent scholar learning a saint, Lessons in Hope is essential reading for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of a world-changing pope. (learn more)

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