Kresta in the Afternoon – November 4, 2016 – Hour 1

  • Description: This week, Al is helping lead a pilgrimage following in the footsteps of St. Paul. While he's gone, we're sharing some of our favorite interviews from the past few years.

+  America's Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists

  • Description: Many of the new atheists have written extensively on the supposedly harmful effects of religion, going as far as to coin it the “root of all evil.” This claim is obviously false, but how do we present our own case? Rodney Stark joins us with the latest research on how religion affects different facets of modern American life, including crime, family, mental and physical health and much more.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Rodney Stark
      Rodney Stark is a Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University, where he is the Co-Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion. He’s the author of 38 books and more than 160 scholarly articles; his newest book is Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History. He’s the former president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and of the Association for the Sociology of Religion and has won a number of national and international awards. His works have been translated into more than a dozen languages, including Chinese, Romanian, Turkish and Greek.
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    • America’s Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists

      A few years ago, a debate between atheists and religious believers spilled out from the halls of academia and the pews of America’s churches and into the public spotlight. A crop of atheist manifestos led the charge, surmounting and holding the tops of the nonfiction bestseller lists. This offensive brought on an outpouring of religious rebuttals. As both sides exchanged spirited volleys, accusations were leveled; myths, stereotypes, and strawmen arguments were perpetuated; and bitter hostility filled the air. Today many of these misconceptions and myths linger on, along with the generally acrimonious spirit of the debate.

      In America’s Blessings, distinguished researcher Rodney Stark seeks to clear the air of this hostility and debunk many of the debate’s most widely perpetuated misconceptions by drawing from an expansive pool of sociological findings. Looking at the measurable effects of religious faith and practice on American society, Stark rises above the fray and focuses exclusively on facts. His findings may surprise many, atheists and believers alike.

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