Kresta in the Afternoon – May 19, 2016 – Hour 2

+  America's War for the Greater Middle East (2 segments, continued from last hour)

  • Description: From the end of World War II until the start of the 1980s, virtually no American soldiers were killed in action while serving in the Greater Middle East. Since 1990 virtually no American soldiers have been killed in action anywhere else. What caused this shift? Why does the US have almost nothing to show for the three decades it has spent fighting for the Middle East? We’ll talk about it with Andrew Bacevich.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Andrew Bacevich
      Andrew J. Bacevich is a retired professor of history and international relations at Boston University. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, he served for twenty-three years as a commissioned officer in the United States Army. He received his PhD in American diplomatic history from Princeton. Before joining the faculty of Boston University in 1998, he taught at West Point and at Johns Hopkins University. His three most recent books—Breach of Trust, Washington Rules, and The Limits of Power—all hit the New York Times bestseller list. A winner of the Lannan Notable Book Award, he lectures frequently at universities around the country. He lives with his wife, Nancy, in Walpole, Massachusetts.
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+  Kresta Comments: Oil, Democracy and Middle East Failure

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