Kresta in the Afternoon – May 12, 2017 – Hour 2

+  20 Answers to End-of-Life Issues (full hour)

  • Description: What does the Church teach about dignity at the end of life? We know that euthanasia is forbidden, but what about other circumstances? What does the Church teach about life support, extreme medical treatment with little chance of success, patients in a vegetative state and similar issues? We talk about it with Jason Negri.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Jason Negri
      Jason Negri is the Assistant Director of the Patients Rights Council and the author of 20 Answers: End of Life Issues, published by Catholic Answers and available at He’s a lawyer serving southeast Michigan and was a member of Ave Maria School of Law’s inaugural class of 2003.
  • + Resources Mentioned Available in Our Store:

    • 20 Answers: End Of Life Issues

      20 Answers: End of Life Issues unravels the controversies and confusions surrounding euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the rights of patients in our uncertain healthcare future. (learn more)

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