Kresta in the Afternoon – March 1, 2019 – Hour 1

+  Are the Cardinal Pell Accusations Credible?

  • Description: We learned this week that Cardinal Pell was convicted in December of a sexual abuse charge from the 1990s, but that a second trial from a charge dating from the 70s has been dropped. He is awaiting sentencing, at which point he plans to appeal. Pell has maintained his innocence throughout this case. Is there reason to believe his innocence? We talk with George Weigel, who has known him for fifty years and followed the case closely.
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    • George Weigel
      George Weigel is a New York Times bestselling author of many books, most recently The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times and Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St John Paul II. He's a distinguished senior fellow of Washington's Ethics and Public Policy Center. Visit
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    • Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church

      The Catholic Church is on the threshold of a bold new era in its history. As the curtain comes down on the Church of the 16th-century Counter-Reformation, it rises on the Evangelical Catholicism of the third millennium: a way of being Catholic that will send the faithful into mission territory every day—a territory increasingly defined by spiritual boredom and aggressive secularism. In Evangelical Catholicism, Catholic theologian George Weigel proposes a program of faith-based reform that confronts these challenges head on. An urgent call to arms, Evangelical Catholicism reminds Catholics of the evangelical vocation into which they were baptized and of the joy and courage that comes from living on this side of the Resurrection. (learn more)

    • Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II

      A preeminent authority on the Catholic Church and papal biographer describes what he learned from chronicling the life of Pope John Paul II In Lessons in Hope, George Weigel tells the story of his unique friendship with St. John Paul II. As Weigel learns the pope "from inside," he also offers a firsthand account of the tumult of post-Vatican II Catholicism and the Cold War's endgame, introducing readers to the heroes who brought down European communism. Later, he shows us the aging pope grappling with the post-9/11 world order and teaching new lessons in dignity through his own suffering. A deeply humane portrait of an eminent scholar learning a saint, Lessons in Hope is essential reading for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of a world-changing pope. (learn more)

    • The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times

      One of America's most prominent public intellectuals brings thirty-five years of experience in Washington and Rome to bear in analyzing the turbulence that characterizes world politics, American public life, and the Catholic Church in the early twenty-first century.   In these bracing essays, George Weigel reads such events as the First World War, the collapse of Communism, and the Obama and Trump presidencies through a distinctive cultural and moral lens, even as he offers new insights into Pope Francis and his challenging pontificate.   Throughout, two of Weigel's key convictions—that ideas have consequences for good and ill, and that the deepest currents of history flow through culture—illuminate political and economic life, and the life of the Church, in ways not often appreciated or understood.   Many of the chapters in this book originated in George Weigel's annual William E. Simon Lecture, which since 2001 has become a major event in Washington, D.C. They are unique in their application of philosophical and theological perspectives to the issues of history and politics, enabling the reader to see current events in a deeper way. (learn more)

+  Kresta Comments: The Problems with the Case against Cardinal Pell

+  Discover your Place in the Story of Salvation

  • Description: How are Catholics supposed to read and understand Scripture? Matthew Leonard has developed a new video series for Lent called Genesis to Jesus. He joins us with a look at what the Bible is, the story it tells and how you can dive deeper into Scripture this Lent.
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