Kresta in the Afternoon – June 28, 2016 – Hour 2

+  Social Science Apologetics: Proper Gender Roles in Child Brain Development

  • Description: We’ll continue our Social Science Apologetics series with Dr. Greg Popcak. Today we focus on the role that gender plays as a child’s brain develops.
  • Segment Guests:

+  Faith in Flint: Addressing the Needs Beyond Clean Water (2 segments)

  • Description: The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has attracted national attention. How are local Catholics helping? We’ll talk with Fr. Tom Firestone about the Faith in Flint project, which is doing much more than providing clean water.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Fr. Tom Firestone
      Fr Tom Firestone is the pastor of five clustered parishes in Flint: St John Vianney, St Matthew, St Michaels, St Marys and All Saints.
    • Resources:

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