Kresta in the Afternoon – July 3, 2017 – Hour 1

+  The Refugee from Heaven (full hour)

  • Description: For several years, Cora Evans claimed to receive detailed private revelations from Christ. She is now a Servant of God and her cause is being promoted for beatification. We'll learn more about her from Michael McDevitt.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Michael McDevitt
      An expert in training-course design and delivery, Michael McDevitt is a highly respected retreat leader and much-sought-after spiritual motivation speaker and storyteller. He is Executive Director of The Mystical Humanity of Christ, Inc., a nonprofit Catholic service organization dedicated to creating a heightened awareness of the living, indwelling presence of Jesus in the daily lives of the faithful. Visit
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    • The Refugee from Heaven

      The Refugee from Heaven is the greatest story ever known. Cora Evans recounts the life of Jesus Christ as an eyewitness, beginning with the first meeting between Jesus and Peter, on the shores of Mount Carmel Bay. With vivid detail and dialogue, this unique account breathes new life into well-known figures of the Gospels. Readers gain startling insights into Mary of Magdala's conversion, Herod's ferocious personality, and John the Baptist's courage. Experience the awe of the disciples in the Upper Room at the Last Supper, and stand in the holy sepulcher at the moment of the Resurrection. With a book that is sure to renew appreciation for the loving Heart of Jesus, the author has created an enduring masterpiece. (learn more)

    • Selected Writings

      In 1945 Cora Evans set out to write of her mystical experiences under the direction of a renowned Jesuit priest. Now in paperback, Selected Writings, is designed to meet worldwide demand for more information about Cora Evans. The book is comprised of excerpts from her diaries, letters, meditations, and books. As a special feature the book includes Cora's biographical data as well as a number of homilies by her spiritual director, Father Frank Parrish, S.J. (learn more)

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