Kresta in the Afternoon – July 12, 2019 – Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: Expecting too much - and too little - of our politicians

+  How can Christians use Politics? (2 segments)

  • Description: When most of us think of “politics” we tend to think of party politics, the machinations taking place in Washington, and the intractable debates that fill the news cycle. And, given the toxic state of our political discourse, most of us tend to move on to something more worthwhile. But there is an older and richer way of understanding democratic politics, one that sees it as a way of solving shared problems and negotiating a common life between friends, strangers and enemies. We talk with Luke Bretherton.
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    • Christ and the Common Life: Political Theology and the Case for Democracy

      In Christ and the Common Life Luke Bretherton provides an introduction to historical and contemporary theological reflection on politics and opens up a compelling vision for a Christian commitment to democracy. In dialogue with Scripture and various traditions, Bretherton examines the dynamic relationship between who we are in relation to God and who we are as moral and political animals. He addresses fundamental political questions about poverty and injustice, forming a common life with strangers, and handling power constructively. And through his analysis of debates concerning, among other things, race, class, economics, the environ­ment, and interfaith relations, he develops an innovative political theology of democracy as a way through which Christians can speak and act faithfully within our current context. Read as a whole, or as stand-alone chapters, the book guides readers through the political landscape and identifies the primary vocabulary, ideas, and schools of thought that shape Christian reflection on politics in the West. Ideal for the classroom, Christ and the Common Life equips students to understand politics and its positive and negative role in fostering neighbor love. (learn more)

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