Kresta in the Afternoon – July 10, 2018 – Hour 2

+  Kresta Comments: The Supreme Court and Roe

+  The Scopes Monkey Trial and America's Debate on Science and Religion

  • Description: On July 10, 1925, a dramatic trial began in the sleepy town of Dayton, Tennessee. Known as the Scopes Monkey Trial, it pit William Jennings Bryan and anti-Darwinists against a science teacher named John Scopes in a debate over science, religion and their place in public education - a debate that continues to this day. We'll look back and the trial and the current state of the debate with Ed Larson.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Ed Larson
      Ed Larson holds the Hugh and Hazel Darliing Chair in Law at Pepperdine University, where he is a Professor of History. He has lectured on all seven continents and taught at Stanford Law School, the University of Melbourne and the University of Georgia. He's the author of many books, including "Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion," for which he received the Pulitzer Prize in History in 1998.
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    • Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion

      In the summer of 1925, the sleepy hamlet of Dayton, Tennessee, became the setting for one of the 20th century's most contentious dramas: the Scopes trial that pit William Jennings Bryan and the anti-Darwinists against a teacher named John Scopes into a famous debate over science, religion, and their place in public education That trial marked the start of a battle that continues to this day-in Dover, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Cobb County, Georgia, and many other cities and states throughout the country. Edward Larson's classic, Summer for the Gods, received the Pulitzer Prize in History in 1998 and is the single most authoritative account of a pivotal event whose combatants remain at odds in school districts and courtrooms. For this edition, Larson has added a new preface that assesses the state of the battle between creationism and evolution, and points the way to how it might potentially be resolved. (learn more)

+  Changing the terms of the health care debate

  • Description: Health care coverage continues to be a divisive issue in our public discourse. Until the terms of the debate are changed, not much can be accomplished. We talk with Brad Hahn, who also gives his take on the new Supreme Court nominee.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Brad Hahn
      Brad Hahn is a deeply committed Catholic who helped found Solidarity Healthshare with Chris Faddis. He now serves as the ministry's CEO and secretary. He's a member of the Arizona Bar, the Canon Law Society of America, the Catholic Medical Association and is an Allied Attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom. Visit

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