Kresta in the Afternoon – January 9, 2019 – Hour 2

+  A Year with the Catechism (full hour)

  • Description: It's a New Year, a time for resolutions and new ideas. What if you made a commitment to read through the Catechism this year? It is, after all, a wonderful gift that centuries of Catholics didn't have access to. We talk with Elizabeth Siegel and Petroc Willey about how to do it one day at a time.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Petroc Willey
      Dr. Petroc Willey is Professor of Theology at Franciscan University, where he directs the Catechetical Institute.
      • Elizabeth Siegel
        Elizabeth Siegel began working with the Catechism in 1995, developing a new Catechism formation program for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. She has continued to teach, write and edit material for programs related to the Catechism.
    • + Resources Mentioned Available in Our Store:

      • A Year with the Catechism: 365 Day Reading Plan

        The Catechism of the Catholic Church gives Catholics everything they need to have a greater understanding of the faith. But reading the Catechism cover to cover can be difficult and intimidating.   A Year with the Catechism: 365 Day Reading Plan brings the treasures of the Catechism to aspiring readers in manageable, bite-sized pieces. Each day, a brief reflection breaks open the selected text, explains unfamiliar terms, and unlocks the spiritual and pastoral meaning. This collaborative commentary, written by internationally respected experts, makes the Catechism accessible to those seeking to deepen their own faith as well as to those teaching the faith to others.   Whether used alone or in a group setting, A Year with the Catechism provides a manageable and enjoyable experience. This practical handbook can be read alongside any version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Readers will discover the treasures of the Catholic faith and learn to appreciate the wealth of information and inspiration the Catechism has to offer. (learn more)

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