Kresta in the Afternoon – January 17, 2017 – Hour 1

+  The Light Shines in the Darkness: An Amazing Miracle Brought by Faith (full hour)

  • Description: When Matt and Kristin Loboda took their five young children to visit family in Arizona last month, they had no idea how their lives would change. On December 29 Matt noticed his 19-month-old daughter, Joy, was missing. He looked near a small pond on the property and found nothing. Then he heard the Holy Spiirt telling him to check the pool. He found Joy floating there. The toddler was without a heartbeat for at least twenty minutes and doctors did not expect her to survive. Today, she is laughing and making marked improvements every day. Matt joins us.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Matt Loboda
      Matt is a graduate of Franciscan University and the father of five children.
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