Kresta in the Afternoon – January 11, 2018 – Hour 2

+  The "Hidden Coincidences" of the Scriptures (2 segments)

  • Description: There’s a powerful argument for the historicity of the Gospels that has been, for the most part, forgotten in recent years. It’s the way the Gospels, Book of Acts and Pauline letters “fit” together like pieces of a puzzle. Lydia McGrew joins us with a closer look at these “undesigned coincidences” and how they strengthen the case for Biblical accuracy.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Lydia McGrew
      Lydia McGrew is a widely-published analytic philosopher who specializes in classical and formal epistemology, probability theory and philosophy of religion. She's the author of Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts. Visit
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    • Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts

      Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts revives an argument for the historical reliability of the New Testament that has been largely neglected for more than a hundred years. An undesigned coincidence is an apparently casual, yet puzzle-like “fit” between two or more texts, and its best explanation is that the authors knew the truth about the events they describe or allude to. Connections of this kind among passages in the Gospels, as well as between Acts and the Pauline epistles, give us reason to believe that these documents came from honest eyewitness sources, people “in the know” about the events they relate. Supported by careful research yet accessibly written, Hidden in Plain View provides solid evidence that all Christians can use to defend the Scriptures and the truth of Christianity. (learn more)

+  Iran Calms Down For Now – What Caused the Protests?

  • Description: 2018 kicked off with some of the most significant protests Iran has seen in almost a decade. What began as local protests against food prices spiraled into nationwide mass protests that resulted in at least 21 deaths and 3700 arrests. The root causes of these protests are much more significant - and complex - than rising food costs. Raymond Ibrahim joins us with a look at what happened and why.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Raymond Ibrahim
      Raymond Ibrahim is a widely published author, public speaker, and Middle East and Islam specialist. His books include “Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians” and “The Al Qaeda Reader.” He provides expert testimony for Islam-related lawsuits, and has testified before Congress regarding the conceptual failures that dominate American discourse concerning Islam and the worsening plight of Egypt’s Christian Copts. He was born and raised in the U.S. by Coptic Egyptian parents born and raised in the Middle East and is fluent in English and Arabic. He is currently a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Visit
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