Kresta in the Afternoon – February 27, 2018 – Hour 1

+  Transgenderism: Semantic Contagion or Biological Fact?

+  Conversion: Essential Encounters with God 

  • Description: What is Christian conversion? What leads a soul to return to God, reject sin and accept God’s Divine Mercy? And is there a “second conversion” that happens after the original decision to repent? We’ll look at the phenomenon of Christian conversion with Fr. Donald Haggerty.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Fr. Donald Haggerty
      Fr Donald Haggerty is the author of Conversion: Spiritual Insights into Essential Encounter with God. A priest of the Archdiocese of New York, has been a Professor of Moral Theology at St. Joseph's Seminary in New York and Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland. He has a long association as a spiritual director for Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity.
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      • Book(s):
        • Conversion: Spiritual Insights Into an Essential Encounter with God
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+  Kresta Comments: An Iranian Refugee’s Terrible Journey to God

  • Description:  Annahita Parsan was born in a beautiful, peaceful family in Iran. She fell in love, got married and had a son she adored. But it all came crashing down when her husband was killed in a traffic accident. Over the next few years she endured snowy mountains, a filthy prison, and an abusive second marriage. Then she discovered who had protected her all along. Al looks at her story.

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