Kresta in the Afternoon – December 9, 2016 – Hour 1

  • Description: This program aired during our Winter Membership Drive. Due to the way our archiving system works, the audio player you see at the top of this segment will play audio from the drive. To listen to the segments with Greg Popcak and Scott Hahn, click on the blue text below and you will see a second audio player. That is the audio from our interviews. Enjoy!

+  Social Science Apologetics: Married People become Biologically Similar

  • Description: A new study shows a fascinating trend: couples who have been married for several decades have striking similarities in biological markers such as kidney function, total cholesterol and grip strength. We also frequently hear stories about long-married spouses dying within hours of each other. We'll talk about it with Greg Popcak.
  • Segment Guests:

    • Dr Greg Popcak is the Executive director of Pastoral Solutions Institute and the author of more than a dozen books. He and his wife Lisa co-host More2Life on Ave Maria Radio. Greg holds an adjunct faculty position in the sociology and graduate theology programs at Franciscan University.
  • + Articles Mentioned:

    • The Two Shall Become One: Married People Become Biologically Similar, New Study Says. -
      In a study presented at the annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, University of Michigan researcher Shannon Mejia and her team looked at health indicators from 1,568 married couples across the United States. The couples were separated into two groups: those who had been married for about 20 years, and those who had been married for about 50 years. Overall, Mejia found that the couples had striking similarities in kidney function, total cholesterol, and grip strength. (click to read more)

+  I Burned for Your Peace (2 segments)

  • Description: Augustine's Confessions is a dramatic personal narrative of a soul choosing between life and death. It's an exploration of the timeless questions great mines have been asking for millennia and a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God. We'll delve into it with Peter Kreeft.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Peter Kreeft
      Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, is one of the most widely read Christian authors of our time. His many bestselling books cover a vast array of topics in spirituality, theology, and philosophy. They include How to Be Holy, Practical Theology, Back to Virtue, Because God Is Real, You Can Understand the Bible, Angels and Demons, Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing, and A Summa of the Summa.
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