Kresta in the Afternoon – December 13, 2019 – Hour 2

+  The Dime Store Nativity

  • Description: For many Christian families the Nativity set is as iconic a part of Christmas as stockings or even the tree. Kathleen Puckett's book The Dime Store Nativity imagines a simple Nativity set, passed from family to family, that represents the strength and spirit of Christmas in times of need. She joins us.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Kathleen Puckett
      Kathleen Puckett is a wife, mother and dedicated elementary school teacher. She is the author of The Dime Store Nativity.
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    • The Dime Store Nativity

      The Dime Store Nativity is a touching story about sharing one's faith and hope. It is Christmas Eve and a grieving Eleanor doesn't feel like decorating for the holidays. As Eleanor unwraps her nativity set she reflects on her childhood and the origin of the nativity. These memories take her on a journey into the past as well as the future. (learn more)

+  Answering the “Hiddenness” of God (2 segments)

  • Description: The issue of the hiddenness of God can pose a real problem for even the most faithful Christians. If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why doesn’t He reveal Himself to us more plainly? Wouldn’t that answer the questions of skeptics and doubters? We talk with Karlo Broussard.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Karlo Broussard
      Karlo Broussard is the author of several books most recently Meeting the Protestant Challenge. He is a staff apologist and speaker for Catholic Answers. He travels the country giving talks on apologetics, biblical studies, theology, and philosophy, and is a regular guest on the radio program Catholic Answers Live. A native of Southern Louisiana, Karlo now resides in Southern California with his wife and five children. View Karlos's videos at
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    • Prepare the Way: Overcoming Obstacles to God, the Gospel, and the Church

      Sharing the gospel with family and friends (or a stranger on the computer screen) can be challenging enough. When they won't even hear you out, because of all the mental roadblocks they've built up, it's even harder. In Prepare the Way, Karlo Broussard helps you tackle that essential first step to apologetics and evangelization: getting people to listen with an open mind. So many in our culture today are trapped behind mental, moral, and personal obstacles that prevent them from even glimpsing Godor considering the claims of Christ and the Church. They may be earnestly seeking truth but infected with relativism. They may be otherwise open to the Good News but think that Christianity is only for people who reject science and hate women. Even our best witness can bounce right off folks like these if we don't prepare the way first, breaking down the barriers and leaving minds and souls free to encounter the truth. So Karlo gives you not just evidence and arguments but step-by step strategies, based on asking the right questions, that you can use along with prayer and gentle charity to help them overcome their obstacles and make a straight path for the Lord. (learn more)

    • Meeting the Protestant Challenge: How to Answer 50 Biblical Objections to Catholic Beliefs

      Every Catholic has heard the challenge: "How can you believe that? Don't you know the Bible says..." It's a challenge we have to meet. If we can't reconcile apparent contradictions between Scripture and Catholic teaching, how can our own faith survive? And if we can't help our Protestant brothers and sisters overcome their preconceptions about "unbiblical" Catholic doctrines and practices, how will they ever come to embrace the fullness of the Faith? In Meeting the Protestant Challenge, Karlo Broussard gives you the knowledge and tools you need to answer fifty of the most common Bible-based objections to Catholicism. How can the Mass be a sacrifice when the Bible says it's just a memorial? Why do Catholics stress good works when the Bible says we're saved by faith? Scripture says that all have sinned-so what Catholics believe about Mary being "immaculate" is plainly false. Jesus said to call no man father, yet that's what Catholics call their priests! How much clearer could it be? For these challenges and many more, Karlo provides a step-by-step plan for understanding the roots of the objection, breaking down the context and full meaning of the Scripture passages, anticipating followup arguments, and offering your own friendly counter-challenge to help Protestants begin to see how the Bible and Catholic teaching actually coexist in harmony. Don't get caught off guard! When the next biblical challenge comes, be ready to meet it with confidence. (learn more)

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