Kresta in the Afternoon – August 9, 2018 – Hour 1

+  Fact vs Opinion: A False Dichotomy

  • Description: What's the difference between a fact and an opinion? Many of us took quizzes in elementary school asking us to identify the two - "football is better than basketball," "Mars is the fourth planet from the sun," and so on. But this creates the false impression that things are either true - or are neither true nor false, the first step toward relativistic thinking. Matthew D'Antuono breaks down the false dichotomy.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Matt D’Antuono
      Matthew D’Antuono is a physics teacher in New Jersey. He holds bachelor’s degrees in physics and philosophy, a master’s degree in special education, and is working on a master's degree in philosophy at Holy Apostles in Cromwell, Connecticut. He is the author of A Fool’s Errand: A Brief, Informal Introduction to Philosophy for Young Catholics and is working on other books.
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