Kresta in the Afternoon – April 6, 2016 – Hour 1

+  Kresta News Roundup: Malaysian Court Rules Muslim Man can Convert

+  The Walls are Talking

  • Description: Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee-of-the-year, joins us to share the stories of former abortionists who have had changes of heart and want to shed light on the reality of abortion.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Abby Johnson
      Abby Johnson is the Founder and CEO of And Then There Were None, which ministers to abortion workers and helps them leave the industry. She’s a former Planned Parenthood official who became pro-life after assisting with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She’s the author of “Unplanned” and “The Walls are talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell their Stories”
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+  A Reevaluation of Just War Theory?

  • Description: The Vatican will host a conference next week to evaluate the Church’s longstanding teaching on Just War Theory. Cohosted by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and Pax Christi International, the conference will feature some 80 experts who are engaged in global nonviolent struggles. Will this conference change or update Church teaching on the Catholic response to war? We’ll talk about it with Kevin Govern.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Kevin Govern
      Kevin Govern is a Professor of Law at Ave Maria School of Law. He began his legal career as an Army Judge Advocate, serving 20 years at every echelon during peacetime and war. Kevin has also taught at California University of Pennsylvania and John Jay College and is a frequent speaker on national security and homeland security law, law and religion, professional ethics and other topics.
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