Kresta in the Afternoon – April 5, 2019 – Hour 2

+  How do we Evangelize our Youth? (2 segments)

  • Description: We continue our look at Pope Francis' post-Syndoal Apostolic Exhortation on Youth with Mark Hart. What does Pope Francis say? How is the Church engaging young people? Mark shares his thoughts.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Mark Hart
      Mark Hart is executive vice-president of Life Teen International and the author of many books, including Unleashing the Power of Scripture: A Guide for Catholics. His weekly podcast and DVD Bible study resources have helped Catholics of all ages to read and study Scripture.
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    • Inspired: A Bible Companion for Teens

      When was the last time you opened the Bible? Perhaps it's a part of your daily routine, or maybe you've never cracked open the Word of God, thinking it s too old, too heavy, or too outdated. Nevertheless, this companion will help you navigate this big, heavy, and not the least bit outdated book. With explanations about its reliability and organization, as well as a brief recap of salvation history and instructions on how to make the Scriptures a part of your daily prayer routine, Inspired is a must have for any teen wanting to know more about this unique book that forms the foundation of the Catholic faith. (learn more)

    • Blessed Are the Bored in Spirit: A Young Catholic’s Search for Meaning

      My image of God the Father, enthroned in heaven in flowing white robes and Birkenstock sandals, was overshadowed by my certainty that he didn't want me to have any fun. God was all about rules.—from Chapter Five Too many young Catholics experience their faith as Mark Hart did: They rarely miss Mass even if they don't understand it; they have a Bible even if they never read it; they go to confession even if they aren't particularly repentant. Is that your experience of Catholicism? Is yours a faith of Thou Shalt Nots? If so, forget about a dreary life of mindless obedience to rules you don't understand. It's time to enter into the transforming light of your Creator who invites you to live from the still center of his undying love. The author's humorous and hard-hitting reflections drive home the point that God isn't calling the reader to be a good person—someone who merely obeys the rules—but a new person in Jesus Christ. (learn more)

    • 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know

      Do you wonder why, as Catholics, we do some of the things that we do? Do you ever find yourself wishing for short, simple answers as to what the Church teaches and why we claim it as truth? Let 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know, bring to light a bunch of things you might already know and a ton of stuff you probably don't. You won't get long, boring answers; you will get quick, straight answers with 100% Catholic truth. Mark Hart and Todd Lemieux have an undeniably unique way to make the most controversial and complicated Church teachings entertaining and effortless to follow. Let these two authors show you not only how great it is to be Catholic, but how fun it is to be Catholic as well. So, prepare for an overview of Catholicism that is sure to leave you a little smarter and a lot more confident. (learn more)

+  Into the Longing: Living as a Catholic who Experiences Same-Sex Attraction

  • Description: At the center of every human heart, there is an ache to know and be known, to love and be loved, to give and to receive. For persons experiencing romantic desires for the same sex, choosing to live by a Christian sexual ethic is a place of both confusion and commitment. If desire is off-kilter, where do we direct it? Anna Carter has experienced this firsthand and she joins us.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Anna Carter
      Anna Carter is the co-founder of Eden Invitation. She earned degrees in Theology & Catechetics from Franciscan University and has served as a NET Missionary, theology teacher and campus minister. She continues to write freelance and speak across the country. Visit
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