Epiphany – October 2, 2020

  • Description: Vanessa talks with Vickie Figueroa Director, AOD Cultural Ministries & Office, Black Catholic Ministry about diversity within our Catholic Church, Barbara Brish and Todd Nadeau from the Divine Mercy Academy give information about the Academy, and Ave Maria Rario's own Teresa Tomeo finishes the show and week in style.

+  Vickie Figueroa

  • Segment Guests:
    • Vickie Figueroa
      Director , AOD Cultural Ministries & Office, Black Catholic Ministry

      • Current: AOD Cultural & Black Catholic Ministries • Member, Corpus Christi Parish – Finance Council and Faith Formation • Graduate, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Master of Arts Pastoral Ministry • Love to watch cooking shows; love to go consignment / thrift store shopping

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+  Barbara Brish and Todd Nadeau

  • Segment Guests:
    • Barbara Brish
      Principle , Divine Mercy Academy

      Barbara Brish is the Principal at Divine Mercy Academy. Barbara brings to the position 30 plus years’ experience in public education as a school psychologist, special education director, university adjunct professor, and advocate. Barbara holds multiple degrees and certificates: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Master Degrees in Psychology, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Industrial Relations, a Specialist Degree in School Psychology, Certification in Special Education Administration/Central Office Administration and the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Autism. As a special education director, Barbara’s responsibilities included administering the district’s special education program along with directing three county center based programs including the program for children with autism, visual impairments and severe multiple impairments. Barbara’s passion for helping all children has become the foundation for The Divine Mercy Academy.

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+  Todd Nadeau and Barbara Brish

+  Teresa Tomeo

  • Segment Guests:
    • Teresa Tomeo
      Catholic Connection , Ave Maria Radio
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    • Listening for God: Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to Us

      Available November 19  We all long to know the will of God in our lives, to obtain answers to our prayers, and to receive tangible evidence of the personal care of our heavenly Father. We deeply desire to hear His voice. And here s the good news: God is not silent. He is constantly reaching out to each of us. Often His voice is quiet and can be heard only in prayer. He frequently breaks into our lives with timely remedies, miraculous encounters, and surprising circumstances that can be explained only by the reality of a loving and caring God. Popular Catholic author and radio host Teresa Tomeo has gathered an inspiring collection of such Godcidences from her life, as well as personal stories from a variety of Catholics including broadcasters Joan Lewis, Al Kresta, Steve Ray, and authors Greg and Julie Alexander of the unmistakable ways God has spoken to them. In these pages, you ll read about ordinary and extraordinary come-to-Jesus moments, such as:

        • The mysterious man who appeared to an anxious couple at a deserted train station in Italy to give them assistance and then just as quickly disappeared
        • How a six-word sentence from a husband to his embittered wife served to redirect their marriage from bitterness toward reconciliation and renewal
        • A business offer that arrived out of the blue, just as financial ruin threatened the future of a wife and husband recently jolted by an Alzheimer s diagnosis
        • The unexpected link between a young woman s moment of despair, as she curled up on the floor of her shower, and the day she kissed the ring of Pope St. John Paul II
        • How a car accident led to a life-saving ultrasound for an abortion-minded mother
        • What the Holy Spirit inspired a woman to say in a casual airplane conversation that transformed it into a never-to-be-forgotten encounter
      These and many more profound and intimate stories will deepen your faith as they remind you of the active presence of God in your life. Each comes with lessons for you to apply to your life and reflections to help you grow in your ability to hear and respond to the still, small, powerful voice of God. (learn more)

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