Catholic Connection – September 19, 2019 – Hour 2

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+  The Priests We Need To Save the Church

  • Description: "While dissolute bishops and priests around the world grab headlines for their untoward words and deeds, too many other unfruitful priests minister as little more than glad-handing bachelors doing social service work. Top and bottom, is this the Church that Christ intended? Are these the priests we need? “No!” cries author Kevin Wells in these compelling pages that showcase how heroic priests can faithfully tread the narrow path of holy self-sacrifice first blazed by the apostles themselves." ...
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    • Kevin Wells

      Kevin Wells is a former sports reporter with the Tampa Tribune, where he covered Major League Baseball and other sports. He is the author of "Burst, A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart." He is a freelance writer and evangelist, addressing various Catholic topics.

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+  The Priests We Need To Save the Church

  • Description: Kevin Wells continued

+  ABC, NBC Ignore Pro-Kavanaugh Bombshell; CBS Gives Scant 36 Seconds

  • Description: "While the liberal broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC have spent nearly 32 minutes (31 minutes, 47 seconds) hyping the disintegrating bombshell against Justice Brettt Kavanaugh over the past three days, they have withheld from viewers how Christine Blasey Ford friend (and supposed corroborating witness) Leland Keyser now states that she has does not believe Ford’s account. Both of these disclosures were contained in a new book excerpt by New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, but apparently only the anti-Kavanaugh allegation was deemed worth of airtime and inclusion in the Sunday Review print section of The Times." ...
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