Catholic Connection – September 19, 2012 – Hour 1

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    Segment 1 - Brian Kennelly is the author of "Two Statues," a Catholic fiction story about belief in the unbelievable. It is said to be a "tale of family, life and adventure that will absorb you as you rush through its pages, and stay with you long after the last one is turned." He sits down with Teresa today.  (Replay from 08-30-12)

    Segment 2 - Judy Zarick works on the media production team at St. Anthony Messenger Press and produces the Living Faith segment for American Catholic Radio. She speaks with Teresa this morning about her new book, "Moved by Faith: Stories from American Catholic Radio."  (Replay from 08-07-12)

    Segment 3 - Judy Zarick continued

    Segment 4 - Robin Teresa Beck is a former homosexual and convert to the Catholic faith. She documents her amazing story in the new book: "I Just Came for the Ashes." Robin speaks with Teresa today about her story and the push for gay marriage.  (Replay from 08-23-12)

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