Catholic Connection – September 15, 2016 – Hour 1

+  Intro and News

+  Tre Fontane & St. Paul

  • Description: Steve Ray speaks at Tre Fontane in Rome, where St. Paul was martyred.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Steve Ray

      Steve is a convert to the Catholic faith and a popular author, speaker, and pilgrimage leader. He has been to the Holy Land over 100 times exploring, filming, and leading thousands of pilgrims. Steve is a regular guest on Catholic radio and TV including Catholic Answers, Ave Maria Radio, and EWTN. He writes Bible Studies for Catholic Scripture Study International.


  • Description: DOCAT is the follow-up to YOUCAT, the popular youth adaption of the Catechism. DOCAT draws from Scripture, the CCC and the Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching to help young Catholics understand proper Catholic action on social and political issues. We’ll hear more from Mark Brumley. (Originally aired August 2, 2016)
  • Segment Guests:
    • Mark Brumley

      Mark Brumley is President of the Board of Directors of Guadalupe Associates and Chief Executive Officer for Ignatius Press. He also oversees the online magazines for Ignatius Press, is project coordinator for the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, and is editor of Ignatius Press's Modern Apologetics Library and A Study Guide for Joseph Ratzinger's Jesus of Nazareth, A Study Guide for Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week, and YOUCAT Study Guide. He is associate publisher of His articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications.

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  • Description: Mark Brumley continued

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