Catholic Connection – October 5, 2015 – Hour 2

+  Intro, News and Doug Keck

  • Description: Doug joins Teresa to share with us the latest news regarding EWTN's TV & radio programming.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Doug Keck
      President & COO , EWTN

+  The Shooting at Umpqua Community College

  • Segment Guests:
    • Alexander Sample
      Archbishop , Portland

      He was appointed Bishop of Marquette, MI on December 13, 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI, and was ordained a Bishop on January 25, 2006 at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. He was then appointed the eleventh Archbishop of Portland in Oregon on January 29, 2013, and was installed at a Mass of Installation on April 2, 2013 held at the Chiles Center on the campus of the University of Portland.

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+  ToB for Tots

  • Description: "Young children have questions about their bodies, too. When society says that gender is subjective, how can parents uphold traditional values about the beauty and dignity of the human body? With simple language and engaging illustrations, ToB for Tots introduces children to the dignity of the whole human person. The three board books in the series are ideal for children ages 2 to 5."
  • Segment Guests:
    • Monica Ashour
      Executive Director , Theology of the Body Evangelization Team

      Monica Ashour is a cofounder of the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Inc. (TOBET), a non-profit group based in Texas that promotes Pope John Paul’s seminal work known as The Theology of the Body with study groups, speaking engagements, and retreats around the nation. As the primary speaker and executive director of TOBET, she has also helped initiate the Theology of the Body For Teens By Teens, set in motion by young people transformed by her faithful teaching of the Theology of the Body.

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+  Pope Francis’s homily at the family synod’s opening Mass

  • Description: Teresa shares Pope Francis’s homily at the family synod’s opening Mass. "Today we experience the paradox of a globalized world filled with luxurious mansions and skyscrapers, but a lessening of the warmth of homes and families; many ambitious plans and projects, but little time to enjoy them; many sophisticated means of entertainment, but a deep and growing interior emptiness; many pleasures, but few loves; many liberties, but little freedom… The number of people who feel lonely keeps growing, as does the number of those who are caught up in selfishness, gloominess, destructive violence and slavery to pleasure and money." ...
  • Segment Guests:

+  Conclusion

  • Description: Teresa wraps up this edition of "Catholic Connection."

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