Catholic Connection – November 26, 2009 – Hour 2

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    Segment 1 - Brian Shields is with The Alter Gang and Lumen Entertainment.  Their goal is to use animation to help evangelize Catholic children about the Sanctity of Life.  Brian joins Teresa today to tell us all about their projects.  (Replay 11-09-09)

    Segment 2 - Dr. Pia de Solenni is a moral theologian and weekly contributor to "Catholic Connection."  Today, Pia and Teresa discuss an amazing story of a woman who decided to keep a baby that resulted from a rape and the positive effects it had on her life.  (Replay from 09-10-09)

    Segment 3 - Jason Evert is a Catholic apologist and author with a Masters Degree in Theology.  He speaks at seminars, participates in debates, and responds to thousands of questions about Catholicism from people around the world.  He has a brand new book out called, "Purity 365: Daily Reflections on True Love."  Jason tells us about his new book and takes your calls!  (Replay from 10-27-09)

    Segment 4 - Jason Evert continued

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