Catholic Connection – May 29, 2012 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Dave Palmer introduces the show and reports the news for the travelling Teresa Tomeo.  Dave is the General Manager of Guadalupe Radio in Dallas, TX.

    Segment 2 - Andrea Bonilla is the co-founder of Students for Religious Liberty in Texas.  She is also part of FOCUS, which seeks to bring the Gospel to college students through Bible studies and other faith-based events.  Andrea joins Dave this morning to talk about the group she co-founded and its importance.

    Segment 3 - Margie Giangiulio was inspired by God while in Adoration to carry out two big efforts to encourage people to pray for priests.  The first was a postcard campaign.  Now, she joins Dave to talk about her "Spiritual Motherhood and Adoration Cenacle for Priests" campaign.

    Segment 4 - Margie Giangiulio continued

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