Catholic Connection – May 2, 2019 – Hour 2

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+  Grace and Truth: Twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization

  • Description: "From one of the most distinctive and perceptive voices in the Church come answers to the most pressing questions of faith in our day. With his trademark wit and wisdom, Fr. George Rutler here highlights twenty Catholic teachings that are essential to living an authentic Christian life, showing how the Church’s perennial wisdom can remedy the gravest ills of our time. Fr. Rutler gracefully tackles a wide range of topics, from the importance of avoiding mediocrity to the role of mothers in passing down tradition. The topics are many, but all serve a common purpose: to show how we can understand and live the Faith in this culture that daily drifts further from the truth." ...
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    • Fr. George Rutler

      Fr. George Rutler, a parish priest in Manhattan, is a popular preacher and writer who is known internationally for his many TV programs on EWTN. He is the author of nineteen books, and he holds degrees from Dartmouth, John Hopkins, Rome, and Oxford.

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+  Grace and Truth: Twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization

  • Description: Fr. George Rutler continued

+  Catholic Charities West Michigan v. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

  • Description: Catholic Charities West Michigan is one of the largest social services providers in West Michigan, and has been serving for over 70 years. In just the past 10 years, it has placed over 4,500 children in loving homes, while providing a wide array of child welfare services, including a vital foster care program. As a Catholic organization, Catholic Charities believes and adheres to the teachings and doctrines of the Catholic Church, including its beliefs about marriage. Even though state law explicitly protects Catholic Charities’ freedom to act according to its faith, Michigan’s newly elected Attorney General Dana Nessel previously criticized that law as a “victory for the hate mongers” and is now openly flouting it to punish Catholic Charities for its Catholic identity and beliefs.
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