Catholic Connection – March 7, 2016 – Hour 1

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+  How to Evangelize your Family

  • Description: Paco Gavrilides will be speaking on "How to Evangelize your Family" at this months Heart to Heart meeting on March 16th at Domino's Farms. It is an undisputed reality of our time that the family is under attack. Christian families are certainly not exempt from the pressure and influence of secular society. The urgent task is that of evangelizing our own family. How do we evangelize our loved ones? In the first of a two-part presentation, Paco will provide spiritual and practical wisdom for evangelizing our families and others.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Paco Gavrilides

      Paco currently serves as Homiletics Instructor at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. He has been active in the apostolic and evangelistic ministry for many years. Paco has served in the Office for Evangelization for six years before his appointment to the Seminary. He has actively collaborated with the mission work of Renewal Ministries, an outreach dedicated to evangelization and spiritual renewal in the Catholic Church, nationally and internationally. As a frequent conference speaker, with bilingual skills in English and Spanish, he gives retreats and missions on faith, conversion, spiritual growth and prayer, and on family life.

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+  How to Evangelize your Family

  • Description: Paco Gavrilides continued

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