Catholic Connection – March 14, 2013 – Hour 2

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    Habemus Papam!

    Segment 1 - Teresa speaks with Carolina Rea of the Vatican Patrons of the Arts and Brother John Yep.  We hear of their reactions and experiences yesterday at St. Peter's Square, as well as what they've been hearing about the Cardinals' decision.

    Segment 2 - Dr. Pia de Solenni is a moral theologian and cultural analyst. She joins us today to discuss the election of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis.   

    Segment 3 - Mark Brumley is the Chief Executive Officer for Ignatius Press.  He speaks with Teresa today about the decision to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be the next Pope: Pope Francis.

    Segment 4 - Al Kresta is the CEO of Ave Maria Radio and the host of "Kresta in the Afternoon."  Joseph Pearce is the author of many books including his latest, "Candles in the Dark: The Fr. Ho Lung Biography."  Al and Joseph share their thoughts on the election of Pope Francis and take your calls.

    Segment 5 - Al Kresta & Joseph Pearce continued

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