Catholic Connection – March 13, 2009 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Teresa introduces the show and reports the news of the day.

    Segment 2 - Kara Coulter, traffic manager here at Ave Maria Radio, gives our listeners an update on how the Big Boy's Fundraiser for Nick Thomm went on Wednesday evening.  Vic Faust, reporter for Channel 7 news, talks with Teresa about the new controversy surrounding GOP Chairman Michael Steele's comments that abortion is an "individual choice."

    Segment 3 - Fr. Mark Borkowski is with St. Joseph's Parish in Detroit, MI.  They are having a special event at their parish March 19th for the Feast of St. Joseph.  Mass will be said by Bishop Daniel Flores. 

    Segment 4 - Teresa shares an article where Cardinal George Pell of Australia ties together secularism and totalitarianism.

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