Catholic Connection – June 5, 2007 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Show Intro

    Segment 2 - News Report

    Segment 3 - Teresa's Two Cents - Teresa shares her thoughts on the plane crash that killed a six-person team bringing organs to the University of Michigan for a transplant operation.  One of the victims worked at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School.

    Segment 4 - Cathie Mianecki joins Teresa to talk about the Michigan Catholic Home-Educators' Conference and Book Fair.  It is taking place in Lansing, MI on June 15-16, 2007.  Cathie is here to tell us all about it!

    Segment 5 - Cathie Mianecki continued

    Brian Wilcott is the Principal at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School.  He talks with Teresa about Richard Chenault, the staff member from the school that was one of six victims in yesterday's plane crash.

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