Catholic Connection – June 4, 2010 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Guadalupe Radio's Dave Palmer introduces the show and reports the news of the day.

    Segment 2 - Daniel diSilva is the founder of the Catholic music group, Crispin, and the new station manager of Archangel Radio in Mobile, AL.  He joins Dave in-studio to talk about being a Catholic musician and using one's gifts for the glory of God.

    Segment 3 - Regina Doman is a catholic author and conference speaker.  Regina and Dave discuss her work as a catholic author and what messages she hopes to share in her stories.  They discuss the books "Angel in the Waters," "The Shadow of the Bear," and "Black as Night," as well as her upcoming new book, "Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves."  Regina also takes your phone calls!

    Segment 4 - Regina Doman continued

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