Catholic Connection – June 28, 2012 – Hour 2

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Teresa introduces the show and reports the news of the day.

    Segment 2 - Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is a board-certified breast cancer surgeon and clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  She is here to tell us about the dangers of the birth control pill.  Click here for a report on an event she recently participated in on this topic with "Catholic Connection" regular Dr. Pia de Solenni.

    Segment 3 - Dr. Angela Lanfranchi continued

    Segment 4 - Bishop David Ricken is the Bishop of Green Bay, WI.  He is the leader of the evangelization team for the Bishops Conference and is here to talk about the importance of the Year of Faith.

    egment 5 - Bishop David Ricken continued

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