Catholic Connection – July 24, 2012 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Teresa introduces the show and reports the news of the day.

    Segment 2 - Paco Gavrilides is here to tell us about the All Michigan Catholic Charismatic Conference taking place July 27-29 at Holy Redeemer Parish in Burton, MI.  Speakers include Paco, Bishop Earl Boyea, Fr. Peter Clark, and others.  Click here for more information.

    Segment 3 - Dr. Monica Miller is with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.  She is also an associate professor of religious studies at Madonna University.  Dr. Miller is with us today to talk about an upcoming prayer vigil regarding the stopping of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Auburn Hills, MI.  They also discuss her new book, "Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars," which you can pre-order here.

    Segment 4 - Dr. Monica Miller continued

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