Catholic Connection – January 10, 2020 – Hour 2

+  Intro and News

+  The Inside Word @ EWTN

  • Description: Doug Keck is EWTN's President & Chief Operating Officer. He joins us to share the latest news regarding EWTN's TV & radio programming.
  • Segment Guests:

+  You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir

  • Description: "Melissa Ohden is fourteen when she learns she is the survivor of a botched abortion. In this intimate memoir she details for the first time her search for her biological parents, and her own journey from anger and shame to faith and empowerment."
  • Segment Guests:
    • Melissa Ohden

      Melissa Ohden founded the Abortion Survivors Network and speaks nationwide. With a master’s degree in social work, she has worked in the fields of substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, and child welfare.

    • Resources:

+  You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir

  • Description: Melissa Ohden continued

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