Catholic Connection – February 7, 2014 – Hour 1

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  • Description: Teresa is live from the Legatus International Summit in Orlando, Florida.

+  Legatus, Religious Freedom, and More...

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    • Tom Monaghan
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    • +  It Is Well - Life in the Storm

      • Description: Press release -- Chris and Angela Faddis were devout Catholics with two young children, who trusted in the Lord and His plan for their family. But the married couple's faith would receive an immense test on Easter Sunday 2011, when Angela was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Angela died 17 months later, on Sept. 21, 2012, holding the hand of her heartbroken husband. One year later, Chris Faddis chronicles the inspirational journey he shared with his wife. "As you read this book you'll encounter the often harsh reality of the Christian journey," writes Catholic speaker and author Mark Hart in the foreword. "You'll experience both the splintered, bloody crucifix of Good Friday and the shiny, radiant cross of Easter Sunday. Chris will invite you behind the closed doors into the intimate exchanges and heaven-sent moments that should call us all to stop and survey our own lives. Do we wake up counting our blessings or our problems? That difference makes all the difference, as Angela demonstrated through her constant fidelity to God."
      • Segment Guests:

      +  It Is Well - Life in the Storm

      • Description: Chris Faddis continued

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