Catholic Connection – February 17, 2012 – Hour 2

  • Description:

    Segment 1 - Teresa introduces the show and speaks with Son Rise Morning Show host Brian Patrick about what listeners can expect on his program next week.  She then reports the news of the day.

    Segment 2 - Sr. Hanna Klaus, M.D. is with the Natural Family Planning Center of Washington, D.C. and the Teen STAR Program.  This morning she speaks with Teresa about the HHS mandate, breast cancer, contraceptives, and natural family planning.

    Segment 3 - Sr. Hanna Klaus, M.D. continued

    Segment 4 - Kevin Cotter is with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students).  He is here to announce a new mobile application called FOCUS Equip.  The goal of the new app is to "provide dynamic resources for college students, FOCUS student leaders, and missionaries, so they can continued to thrive in the faith and reach out to friends and family with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and His Church."

    Segment 5 - Kevin Cotter continued

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