Catholic Connection – December 8, 2009 – Hour 2

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    Segment 1 - Steve Ray is a popular catholic apologist, speaker, and author.  Steve joins Teresa to look at the Immaculate Conception.  Steve tells us about the locations in the Holy Land where the events took place and the struggles that Protestants have with recognizing Mary's important role in salvation.  (Replay from 12-5-08)

    Segment 2 - David Mills is a convert to Catholicism, writer and editor.  His latest book is, "Discovering Mary: Answers to Questions About the Mother of God."  Having wondered about Mary himself, Mills knows the questions that puzzle not only new Catholics but many cradle Catholics and non-Catholics as well. Discovering Mary brings together essential Marian information in an engaging manner not only to instruct but also to deepen devotion to "the one who bore our Savior and deserves our love."  (Replay from 10-29-09)

    Segment 3 - Fr. David Toups is the author of "Reclaiming Our Priestly Character."  Fr. Toups joins Teresa today to look at Advent and how we, as Catholics, can best prepare for Christmas.  (Replay from 12-09-08)

    Segment 4 - Terry Ianora is the author of "Crisis Pregnancy Centers: The Birth of a Grassroots Movement."  She joins Teresa today to tell us about her new book and why she was inspired to write it.  (Replay from 11-23-09)

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