Catholic Connection – December 5, 2012 – Hour 2

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    Segment 1 - Teresa's Two Cents - Teresa touches on many topics to explain the lack of reason in our world today. Items include the new pediatrics statement on contraceptives, the war on Christmas, drug legalization, media bias, and more. She also shares the readings from today at mass.  (Replay from 11-29-12)

    Segment 2 - David Rosa is here to share the powerful story of his participation in a 1989 abortion and the impact it had. The pregnancy came about from an affair he was having. It took him three days to complete his confession and even longer to accept God's forgiveness. You can read his story here.  (Replay from 11-02-12)

    Segment 3 - David Rosa continued

    Segment 4 - Dr. Edward Sri is a nationally-known Catholic speaker who appears regularly on EWTN and is the author of several Catholic best-selling books. He's involved in a new video-based curriculum for the Sunday readings in the Year of Faith to tell us about called "Opening the Word."  (Replay from 10-18-12)

    Segment 5 - Dr. Edward Sri continued

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