Catholic Connection – December 26, 2008 – Hour 1

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    Segment 1 - Vic Faust is a revert to the Catholic faith and sports reporter for Channel 7 news.  Vic talks about this being his 2nd official Christmas since he's been back in the church.  Vic also talks about the Motor City Bowl and the Winter Classic on January 1st involving the Detroit Red Wings.

    Segment 2 - Frank Rodriguez & Stan Konar join us in studio to tell our listeners about the Fourth Annual Catholic Singles Dinner & Dance taking place this New Year's Eve at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Romulus, MI.  (Replay from 12-22-08)

    Segment 3 - John Hale is with Corporate Travel.  They are arranging a Marriage Cruise coming up in February featuring Teresa Tomeo and Fr. John Riccardo.  There is also a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in March with Steve Ray.  John and Teresa give us all the info and share with us why trips such as these are very important to a persons spiritual journey.  (Replay from 12-19-08)

    Segment 4 - John Hale continued

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