Catholic Connection – December 12, 2013 – Hour 1

+  101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

  • Description: "101 Tips for a Happier Marriage: Simple Ways for Couples to Grow Closer to God and to Each Other" offers Catholic couples concise, practical, and at times humorous suggestions for creating and sustaining a more joyful, peace-filled marriage that is steeped in the beauty and mystery of Catholic faith. (Originally aired October 30, 2013)
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
      Founder and President , Ruth Institute

      Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. is the founder and President of the Ruth Institute — a project of the National Organization for Marriage — which seeks to promote life-long married love to college students by creating an intellectual and social climate favorable to marriage. She is also the Senior Research Fellow in Economics at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

      • Betsy Kerekes

        Betsy Kerekes is the author of the popular blog "Parenting is Funny." Her professional experience includes journalism and public relations for Franciscan University of Steubenville, where she graduated summa cum laude in writing, with a minor in communications. She also did proofreading and subscriptions management for Patrick Madrid’s Envoy magazine, and now she writes weekly newsletters and manages a blog for the Ruth Institute.

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    +  The Urgency of the New Evangelization: Answering the Call

    • Description: Originally aired November 8, 2013
    • Segment Guests:
      • Ralph Martin
        President , Renewal Ministries

        Ralph Martin is the President of Renewal Ministries and the host of the weekly television program The Choices We Face. He is the author of the recent bestselling book Will Many Be Saved? What Vatican II Actually Teaches and Its Implications for the New Evangelization. He has also written The Fulfillment of All Desire and several other books on the Catholic Church, spirituality, and audio albums on the teaching of the saints. He is the Director of Graduate Programs in The New Evangelization at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Ralph is also Associate Professor of Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Detroit as well as Visiting Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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    +  Roman Holiday Retreat for Couples

    • Description: Originally aired November 21, 2013
    • Segment Guests:
      • Fr. Leo Patalinghug
        Host and Founder , Grace Before Meals

        Born in the Philippines and raised in the Baltimore area, Fr. Leo actually developed his love for cooking while attending the seminary at the North American College in Rome. There, he became friendly with several Italian restaurant owners and would often invite them back to the student kitchen to trade cooking secrets. They would teach him about rigatoni and lasagna; he would show them how to make hamburgers and ribs. Today, he is a skilled cook who still enjoys learning how to make new dishes, and loves the process of preparing a meal, as much as he does sharing it with a table full of friends.

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    +  Roman Holiday Retreat for Couples

    • Description: Fr. Leo Patalinghug continued

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