Catholic Connection – August 8, 2019 – Hour 2

+  Intro and News

+  New president, same Planned Parenthood

  • Description: "When Leana Wen was unceremoniously fired as president of Planned Parenthood, she penned a New York Times op-ed citing two reasons for her ouster: 1) Criticism that she “did not prioritize abortion enough.” 2) Resistance to her “attempt to depoliticize Planned Parenthood.” ...
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+  LIFE Runners and their 7th annual A-Cross America Relay for Pro-Life

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    • Dr. Pat Castle

      Pat is an inspiring catalyst and unifying force for Pro-Life with faith, science, education, athletics. He graduated from the Vita Institute for Pro-Life leaders and is a fourth degree Knight. Near the finish of the 2006 Pikes Peak Ascent race, Pat encountered St. Padre Pio, inspiring the formation of LIFE Runners. He cofounded the annual A-Cross America Relay for Pro-Life, the national Law of Life Summit, and the St. Pio Relay for Pro-Life. He served as Rapid City Care Net board chairman and is an advisor for international Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

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+  California bishops rally Catholics to stop college campus abortion pill mandate

  • Description: "Three California bishops are calling on local Catholics to pray and fight against a bill that would require state colleges and universities to provide free access to abortion pills for students. The bill, SB 24, is a slightly-amended version of a bill introduced in California’s state legislature last year that was ultimately vetoed. Former Governor Jerry Brown, a public supporter of abortion, vetoed the similar bill last September, saying it was was “not necessary,” as abortion services are already “widely available” off campus." ...
  • Segment Guests:
    • Tony Sands
      President , Right to Life League of Southern California

      Tony Sands is an award-winning producer, writer and director who has won multiple Telly Awards, Gabriels, and top medals from the New York Festivals. He currently works as the Senior Producer for Family Theater Productions. Located on Sunset Boulevard, Family Theater Productions has a 70-year history of producing quality TV, film, radio and multi-media for the family, but they are most famous for creating and popularizing the phrase, “The Family That Prays Together Stays Together.”

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