Catholic Connection – August 23, 2017 – Hour 2

+  Intro and News

+  Catholic Summer Camps

  • Segment Guests:
    • John Quinn
      Bishop , Diocese of Winona

      Bishop Quinn holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Sacred Heart Seminary, Detroit; a Master of Divinity from St. John’s Provincial Seminary, Plymouth; a Masters in religious studies and Masters in systematic theology from the University of Detroit/Mercy. He has also done graduate work in religious studies at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

    +  Catholic Summer Camps

    • Description: Bishop John Quinn & Ben Frost continued

    +  Latest News from the Vatican w/Joan Lewis

    • Description: Joan Lewis is the author of the blog "Joan's Rome." She joins us each week to share the latest news out of the Vatican concerning the Holy Father and the Catholic Church.
    • Segment Guests:

    +  Conclusion

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