Catholic Connection – August 19, 2019 – Hour 1

+  Intro and News

+  Wine & Shrine: Women’s Pilgrimage to Italy 2019

+  Parish Priest 911

  • Description: "Parish Priest 911 is a prayer-mission set up specifically for your own parish Priest to ensure that someone is praying and sacrificing EVERY DAY for their sanctification and protection. Of course, we encourage everyone to pray daily for our priests, but the Parish Priest 911 day is set aside solely for your priest. This particular day is for him and him other intentions are included. Then it goes to someone else the following day and so on and so forth. In this way, we build an impenetrable wall of protection. We lock arms surrounding our Parish Priest with our united, intentional efforts of sacrificial love for him who has given his life to Christ in order to bring Christ to us!!!"
  • Segment Guests:

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