Catholic Connection – August 18, 2020 – Hour 2

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+  The Supreme Vocation of Women: According to St. John Paul II

  • Description: "St. John Paul II propelled the Church into a new era of fruitful contemplation about the dignity and value of women, often reiterating how women — specifically as women — reveal the image of God in the world. But his final contribution to that topic may be his most profound. Just months before he passed into eternity, he summed up his decades of teaching on the topic: “To you, women, falls the task of being sentinels of the Invisible!”" ...
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    • Melissa Maleski

      Melissa Maleski is a speaker, writer, and director of youth and young adult ministry. She regularly presents at faith-formation conferences and parish retreats and consults on special diocesan initiatives. Melissa also served as a catechist and Director of religious education. Her early work was featured in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and she has collaborated on a number of catechetical materials for youth and families. A young-adult concert, she earned a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Christendom College’s Graduate School in 2015.

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+  The Supreme Vocation of Women: According to St. John Paul II

  • Description: Melissa Maleski continued

+  STUDY: 150 TIMES More Negative News on Trump than Biden

  • Description: "A new MRC analysis of all evening news coverage of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in June and July found these networks chose to aim most of their attention and nearly all of their negative coverage on Trump, so Biden escaped any scrutiny of his left-wing policy positions, past job performance or character." ...
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+  Million Rosary March

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