Catholic Connection – April 21, 2010 – Hour 1

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    Segment 1 - Fr. Don Calloway is a priest in the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception.  He is the House Superior of the Marian House of Studies in Steubenville, OH and the Vocation Director for the Marians.  Fr. Calloway is here to talk to us about his new book, "No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy," which is his inspiring personal testimony account.  (Replay from 02-25-10)

    Segment 2 - Teresa's Two Cents - Teresa talks about eating disorders and we play an interview from Fox News about a new Victoria's Secret controversy and the dangers of telling women they need to be a size 2.  (Replay from 03-15-10)

    Segment 3 - Richard Purtill is a philosopher and the author of "Reason to Believe: On the Philosophy of Religion."  It is a "highly readable book on the philosophy of religion, aimed at the reader who wants to think seriously about religion."  Teresa and Richard discuss the book, the Haiti crisis, and more.  (Replay from 01-14-10)

    Segment 4 - Richard Purtill continued

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