: “Catholic” Ireland adopts Gay Marriage - Al Kresta Comments

  • Description: By now we should have learned that Catholics engaging in civil debate is worse than useless if they are not properly catechized and representing the true teaching of the Church. Apparently Ireland is full of Catholics who have been sacramentalized but not evangelized. Even the Archbishop of Dublin, who I’ve heard is a fine man, was reluctant to tell Catholics how to vote. What he doesn’t know is that we don’t want bishops who tell us how to vote. We want bishops and priests who will teach us the mind of Christ on the nature of marriage, sexual expression, war and peace, forgiveness and reconciliation, sports and entertainment, immigration and poverty. The age of compliance ended with the Second Vatican Council. Now we should be in an age of catechesis. Don’t tell us what to do. Explain what the teaching means. WE can decide as citizens how to vote but we would like our vote to be informed by how the Church sees the world. Teach the truth and people will do the truth. Command the truth and you won’t get either.

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